A commercial real estate agent, also known as a commercial real estate broker or Realtor, specialises in helping clients buy, sell, or lease commercial properti

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Real Estate Buying and Selling


Do you have to go to college to be a real estate agent in California?

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Not necessarily, but one of the requirements for real estate license applicants in California is having completed an 8-statutory college level courses required

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Job Training and Career Qualifications


At what age can you become a real estate agent?

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In most states (definitely in Missouri & Kansas, where I am licensed) you only have to be 18 to be an agent. However, my opinion is that you should wait unt

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Home Buying


If I have a real estate license from one state and relocate to another state do I need to take the real estate course again or can I transfer the existing license?

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Some States have reciprocal agreements and some do not. You have to check the Real Estate Commission rules in the state you are relocating to.

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