What services we provide

Vision Screening

Utilising best in class equipment's for carrying out both Objective and Subjective Refraction

Diagnosis of Eye Diseases

Examine and treat different eye related diseases

Prescription(Rx) glasses

Customised solution to empower one's vision

Color vision Testing

Conducting tests for any kind of Color blindness

Eye Health Tips

Providing generic Eye health care tips and diet recommendations

Repairing Services

Our customers can enjoy a full range of Professional services including alterations and repair of Spectacle frames


See What our Clients Say
K S Acharya

K S Acharya

Business Owner

"Durability of the frames and lenses provided by Kalsi Opticals is good and quality is genuine too."

S.K Sharma

S.K Sharma

IT Professional

"Oldest shop in town ... Trust still ensured"

Dayanand Kumar

Dayanand Kumar


"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with the product. I will refer everyone I know."


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